Dear Black Middle Class,


Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Ernest C. Snyder and I come from a white liberal Catholic family. I grew up in Washington D.C. in a very diverse neighborhood. My childhood friends were made up of every race, nationality and religion. My black friends were the sons of doctors, lawyers and professors. I spent time in their homes and they spent time in mine. During my youth it was instilled in me, from all corners- parents, school, media, church, that racism was an evil to be resisted at every turn. For the better part of my adult life I have lived and worked in Baltimore City. When I was eighteen I moved to a Bohemian neighborhood of artists and musicians and I watched it get destroyed by a crime wave; it was a failed attempt at the gentrification of South West Baltimore. During that time I gained first hand knowledge of the poverty, violence and racial issues that plague our inner cities. Since that time I have been convinced that police brutality was one of the leading causes of racial tensions in Baltimore. What’s more, I genuinely like black people. I am comfortable with them and they are comfortable with me. Sit me next to a random black guy at an airport bar and within minutes we will be joking and arguing about sports. I can’t say the same about a number of other races. But middle class black folk, I have to tell you, I’m pretty G**d**** fed up with the black community.


Over the past five years I have heard more and more voices in the media calling me racist just for being a white male. I’ve listened to Black Lives Matter call for the indiscriminate killing of cops. Last year three business on my block were looted during the riots over Freddy Gray’s death. And last night I watched a disabled young man being tortured. I’m at the end of my rope. Now I can tell the difference between a gang banger and a black Hopkins student on his way to the gym from a block away but most of the whites I know can’t. If someone like me has reached this point, you can imagine what I am hearing from those who are much less sympathetic and reasonable than myself. In my forty-three years, I have never seen race relations this bad and I have never heard some of the self proclaimed liberals I know speaking like they have been over the past twenty four hours. We both know that the kids in Chicago don’t have anything to lose, but you do; and like it or not, the black middle class is the only group that can diffuse this escalation between the races.


Let me be very blunt, even white folks who voted for Obama are beginning to say, “For the past fifty years we have been more than reasonable. Blacks have affirmative action and welfare, they are represented in the media and have seats in corporate boardrooms, they are quarterbacks and coaches in the NFL, and we elected a black president for C*****’s sake. But despite all of this the entire black community has lined up behind a group of radical young Marxists who are trying to ignite a race war. You know what, F*** These G**d*** N******.” I’m sorry, I don’t want to offend anyone but we need to speak honestly with each other. So please believe me when I say that BLM, which is a Marxist movement, is the problem here.


Most whites understand that there are still serious problems with racism in our country and there are even those of us that acknowledge the need for a radical movement. You need an MLK and a Malcom X; a carrot and a stick. But white folks expected that after we elected Obama we would all be munching on carrots as we worked together to solve our problems. Instead we got nothing but stick and a stick like we have never seen before. Throughout the civil rights movement the black community has always rejected Marxism. Go back to the 1920s when the NAACP denounced the Communists and Marcus Garvey expelled anyone with a hint of Marxist sympathies from his movement. What the h*** is going on, black folks? Why are you letting a bunch of naive young adults, who have been indoctrinated in to Marxism by their professors, speak for your entire community? White folks simply can not work with them. Can your community please provide us with some reasonable adult voices with whom we can begin to figure a way out of this mess?


Let me give you my perspective on BLM. As I said before, since the 90s I have considered the lack of accountability for police brutality to be the leading cause of racial tensions in my city. I’ve given it a lot of thought and come to the conclusion that it is a structural problem. There is no method to remove the handful of violent, racist cops from the police department. The reason for that is that we rely on the States Attorney to police the police. There is an inherent conflict of interest there. The States Attorney works hand in hand with the police every day. They rely on the police to help them prosecute criminals. So when there is a case of police brutality they can’t bring charges without ruining their career. I couldn’t have been happier when cell phone cameras and Youtube finally brought this issue out in to the open. I watched as white coworkers, who weren’t above telling racist jokes and using the N-word, began to admit that there was a serious problem with the police. Then BLM happened.


Can someone please tell me what hiring more diversity officers on college campuses has to do with police brutality? Of all of the unreasonable demands that have been made by BLM that one is the smoking gun, the evidence that BLM co-opted the movement against police brutality to press their Marxist agenda. They demand more diversity officers because that means more jobs for graduates with gender studies and cultural studies degrees. These departments are the epicenter of the Marxist infestation that plagues our universities.


Black folks I know you, or at least I know you better than most whites. I know you can’t be happy about what is going on. You have worked hard, struggled and sacrificed to give your children a better life. You proudly send your sons and daughters off to college with hopes of them becoming a doctor or lawyer. But to your horror they return home at winter break with blue hair and tell you that they are going to get their degree in radical lesbian politics. Most distressing of all they announce that they won’t be going to church on Christmas Day because they have rejected the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The following summer they go on a road trip with friends and you get a call that they need a lawyer because they have been arrested at a protest. We are in the same boat. The same thing is happening to white children. The difference is that white kids can have a dalliance with radicalism during their college years and still land on their feet. You and I both know that black kids, especially your sons, are held to a different standard. For all of our children’s sake will you please take a stand with us against Marxism?


I know you are in a tough spot. You are proud of president Obama and you see the Republicans doing everything they can to destroy his legacy. So I know that what I am asking is difficult. But our country needs a moderate black leader, a modern day Booker T. Washington, to step forward and say that President Obama made a mistake when he invited BLM to the White House. We want to work with you. Trump’s new populist Republican party wants to improve the conditions of the middle class and the conditions of our inner cities. We want to earn your vote so that together we can defeat the globalists who have been robbing the entire middle class, both black and white.



The college kids don’t have the life experience to understand, the gang bangers have nothing to lose and the poor single mother calling for violence in the suburbs can’t see the world outside of her own neighborhood, but you and I know what a race war would mean. You and I know that whites now control every lever of power in the government, the police, and the national guard. You and I know that whites are armed to the teeth. Whites have been very generous with their carrots. You do not want to see their stick. And the vast majority of us don’t want to use it. But when we see people in the media defending BLM the day after we watched a young disabled man get tortured, folks get enraged. Let’s not go down this road. There is another path. We can come together as Christians and take a stand against the godless Marxists. But like it or not, and I am not claiming that the situation is fair, but the reality is that the ball is in the court of the black middle class. Please don’t kick it down the road.



Ernest C. Snyder

Editor in Chief

Boredom & Gomorrah