Prior to the 2015 Republican primaries the Alt-Right had not entered into the nation’s consciousness. That changed somewhat when the Neocon journals started raising red flags. The Alt-Right received more exposure during the presidential race as Hillary began to paint them as boogeymen. But by and large, America first heard about the Alt-Right when Steve Bannon was named to Trump’s cabinet. That caused the legacy media to kick into overdrive. The sound of pearls being clutched from coast to coast rose to a deafening roar. Racists! Nazis! White Nationalists! Anti-Semites! Starting a political publication in this environment is a bit like walking through a minefield. But at Boredom & Gomorrah we tackle issues head on and we will not shy away from this one.


First let us say that the legacy media’s criticism of the Alt-Right has some validity. Much of the Alt-Right’s success is due to the efforts of White Nationalist organizations and publications like Stormfront and The Daily Stormer. Boredom & Gomorrah disavows all forms of White Nationalism. However, we will give credit where credit is due. Stormfront has been a tireless advocate for rural communities gutted by globalism, a problem that politicians and the legacy media ignored for more than a decade.


On the other hand, we feel that the legacy media’s criticism of the Alt-Right has been largely unfair. White Nationalists are only one segment of the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right also consists of Paleo-Conservitives, Catholic Traditionalists, Perennial Traditionalists, Secular Traditionalists, Nationalists, Monarchists and Techno-Commercialists/Futurists; all of whose voices are welcome at Boredom & Gomorrah. As usual the legacy media decided to paint their propaganda with as wide of a brush as possible. The consequentialists at LessWrong and the neo-reactionary writings of Mencius Moldbug have very little to do with Stormfront aside from the fact that they have all been lumped under the term Alt-Right at one time or another.


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Boredom & Gomorrah presents a populist viewpoint that, among other things, decries the Left’s inability to help the urban poor. We advocate for policies that would rebuild our inner cities, not just because it is the right thing to do for the American people, but because a populist Republican party that regularly receives 25% of the minority vote would break the back of the neoliberal establishment in the Democratic party. We are also unapologetically concerned with the plight of poor Whites living in “flyover country”. Poor White and Black communities have both been devastated by globalization; they should be natural allies in the struggle against neo-liberalism. The Left has prevented this alliance by not allowing working class Whites to organize themselves. Furthermore, by shouting “racist” at any attempts to fund scholarships for White teenagers and by preventing White student unions from assisting the underprivileged in making the transition to college, the Left has pushed the White working poor into the arms of the White Nationalists. If you condemn anyone who tries to help poor White folk as racist, don’t be surprised when you find poor White folks rallying around actual racists.


The political tides have turned and the legacy media must allow new populist voices at the table. Let them be warned- If you shout the populists down now, White Nationalism will be the only voice left and it will be deafening. The legacy media must acknowledge and give consideration to the rich intellectual heritage that underpins the rising populist movements across the world. The Perennialist school of the last century, led by philosophers Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, and today’s paleocon intellectuals, luminaries like Patrick Buchanan and Paul E, Gottfried, are the philosophers and political theorists driving the worldwide revolution that is taking place. Our time is now and we are too powerful to be ignored.