There is perhaps no evil today that is more understated than Communism.  While many consider it to be misguided and dysfunctional, to outright state that Communism is evil draws more looks of skepticism and hostility than support.   Communist groups can gather freely without massive harassment, adolescents use Che Guevara’s image as a signal of virtue, the ideas of Marx still haunt the halls of academia, and Communism still manages to spread its influence through sympathetic institutions and organizations.   Why is Communism not treated with the same opposition and hostility that is reserved for Nazism?


The German Reich was responsible for somewhere between 4.2 and 11 million deaths in prison camps under their control during World War II.   What began as a system of prison camps eventually became a series of extermination centers as Germany began losing the war on the Eastern Front.   Do you know a single person who is unaware of this?  How many films have been made about the Holocaust and with what frequency?   How many mentions does this human tragedy receive in mass media?   When people attempt to downplay the abject horror these millions of people suffered, how do the media, employers, and the public receive those stating the case?  How comfortable would the average adolescent be wearing a swastika shirt in public?


Regulations at the Tuol Sleng torture facility.

Somewhere between 8 and 61 million people were murdered by the Soviets under Stalin’s regime alone.  Former Politburo member Alexander Nikilaevich Yakovlev and the director of Yale’s “Annals of Communism” series Jonathan Brent estimate the death toll at 20 million.  How many films has Hollywood produced that educate the public about this fact?  How often and with what derision is this mentioned in our media?  Have you seen any photographs of the Stalinist purges?  Can you name one recent film that mentions this atrocity?  How comfortable would the average adolescent be wearing a Communist shirt in public?


There are those who will make excuses for the Stalinist purges.   There are those who will simultaneously attempt to downplay the number of victims while explaining the dire circumstances under which those murders occurred.  How are those who do the same for the Holocaust treated by the media, public, employers, and universities?  Why are those who downplay the evils under Stalinism not given the same treatment as Holocaust revisionists?


In just four years, the Communist regime in Cambodia killed one third of their entire population.   Yes, one out of every three people.   During an economic development mission to Cambodia I saw firsthand the killing fields of Pol Pot, the torture facility of Tuol Sleng, and the countless amputees still carrying the scars of a civil war that began in 1967 and could be said to have carried on until the Khmer Rouge was finally disbanded in 1999.  I heard the stories of those who survived the killing fields, years of torture, and those who were prisoners of war under the Khmer Rouge well into the 1990s.


Most people know at least one story about the Holocaust.   Many have heard about SS guards forcing parents to choose which of their children will be killed, of medical experiments on prisoners, and other examples of needless and brutal sadism.  How many know of the Chankiri Tree in Cambodia against

A mother holds her infant child as they are admitted to the Tuol Sleng torture facility.

which thousands of infants and children had their heads caved in so they could not grow up to avenge their parents?  How many people have heard the story of the evacuation of Phnom Penh where people were sorted by occupation so that the Bourgeoisie (doctors, teachers, engineers, etc.) could be identified and sent to death camps?


While touring the killing fields I could physically feel the pain of oppression in my body.   Human bones towered 62 meters into the sky in the Choeung Ek Stupa, and many more littered the ground.   New mass graves are discovered routinely decades after the last victim was silenced.  Tattered clothing eerily drifted in the trees.   The Cambodian government routinely cleans the park for debris, but new clothing washes up from the soil with every rain.  The ground is marked with new bodies waiting to be exhumed, and to my horror, I accidentally stepped on the remains of a human skull.


One of several torture methods used at Tuol Sleng.

When you hear of a Communist student group at a university, is this the image that comes to mind?   Why not?


I spoke with former prisoners of war who had been taken as child brides for the Khmer Rouge and forced to live in domestic slavery.  Not one.  Not two or three, but over fifty.  There are thousands more still living today.


I heard the story of a man who was imprisoned with a female friend in a labor camp.  They were starving to death.  He threw a scorpion to her while they were working so she might eat it and survive.   The guards saw them and forced them to kneel facing one another.  They put a plastic bag over her head and forced him to watch her suffocate just inches from her face.  They screamed at him the entire time, “This is your fault!  You did this to her!”


Have you ever heard this story?   Have you ever heard any similar stories?


At Tuol Sleng prisoners were forced to build their own cells out of brick.  The dimensions of the cell were approximately five feet long by three feet wide, forcing its occupant to remain slightly curled.  There was no door to the cell.   The prisoner was chained by the ankle to the floor.   Other prisoners were brought

Prison cell at Tuol Sleng.

into the main floor of the room ten at a time and shackled by their ankles to a long iron rod.   The shackled prisoners were then executed by bludgeoning in sequence, each prisoner awaiting their own gruesome death with terrified abject horror.  Prisoners in the cells listened to the screaming wondering when their turn would come.   They would all have their turn.  Out of the 17,000 prisoners of Tuol Sleng only 3 survived.


These are not isolated incidents of abuse.   These are not aberrations from an otherwise noble and high-minded ideology.  This is Communism itself.  This is part of their system of consolidating power, and mass intimidation and murder are central to their process.  In North Korea, Cuba, Hungary, East Germany, Yugoslavia, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Vietnam, Peru, and Ethiopia, there is nothing but more of the same: starvation, torture, abuse, brutality, and genocide.


In the 2016 election David Duke supported Donald Trump for president.   Trump had no personal association with David Duke, but was repeatedly asked to disavow him by the media.  The Communist Party USA endorsed Hillary Clinton, but she was not asked to disavow that organization even once.


Countless Communist student organizations are allowed to organize on our campuses in preparation for genocide against the American people.   Based on the actions of every single Communist regime in history, they are seeking to smash the heads of infants against trees, they are seeking to shackle the legs of innocents together as they cave in their skulls one by one.   These self-proclaimed vanguards of morality will eventually want to know the ideological history of every American so they can decide who lives and who will be tortured to death.


It is time to stop pretending that Communism is misguided idealism.   Communism is systematic oppression and murder.