In all of my time working as an Internet troll and fighting on the avant-grade of The Great Meme War of 2016, I never imagined that it would lead to this. Yet here I am, writing a column for Boredom & Gomorrah. So why should you read anything a crotchety old punk rocker like myself has to say? Because I will delve in to the murky depths of the Internet so that you don’t have to. Do you lack the technical acumen to access the dark web? Do most memes leave you scratching your head? Can you not make heads or tails of the green-text posts on 4chan? Fear not, I am here to guide you through the Internet’s darkest recesses. And make no mistake, places like 8chan matter. They all drive the conversation on Reddit which is ground zero for the millennial culture wars. If you want to keep abreast of the populist movement you need to pay attention.


And that brings us to AIDS Skrillex, which in my opinion was the first major battle that the populist right won in the culture war. For those of you blissfully unaware, let me apologize in advance for introducing you to the man, the myth, the legend . . .AIDS Skrillex. So what is the big deal you might ask, a video of some idiot at a Trump protest went viral; who cares?

AIDS Skrillex matters because he did everything “right”. He had the right style, he ate the right food and listened to the right music. His Facebook posts toed the third wave feminist line and he went to protests to virtue signal at the top of his lungs. You see, it is not just about our AIDS Skrillex, every city that voted for Hillary Clinton is full of AIDS Skrillexs that do everything “right”. And within their Punk/Hipster subculture they could expect a payoff for doing everything right. The AIDS Skrillexs of the world were, to a certain extent, considered “cool”. They had social networks that they were accepted, and even respected in. An AIDS Skrillex might have even gotten laid from time to time. That was the essence of the social contract that existed in the Punk/Hipster subculture.


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Now, the AIDS Skrillexs of the world may have been more or less successful within their subculture depending on their talents, social acumen and looks (if we are being honest we have to admit that our AIDS Skrillex is probably pretty bottom of the barrel). But nowhere in the social contract that our AIDS Skrillex signed was something like this supposed to happen. Our AIDS Skrillex did everything right yet he was turned in to a world wide laughing stock. Even worse, the young republican Trump supporter in the video, who did everything “wrong”, became a hero. Don’t underestimate the impact this had on the culture war. Overnight all of the AIDS Skrillexs in the world became uncool. The jig was up. With one viral video the entire subculture became passe. No teenager wants to be an AIDS Skrillex. And that is a big victory.