While the Democratic Party has a long history of utilizing violence as a political tool, this past election cycle saw a significant increase of coercive intimidation tactics from the Left when compared to recent history. Over the course of the past few decades violent rhetoric and intimidation tactics have certainly been on the increase from grassroots leftist circles (which they too have a long history of), but this election saw the Democratic Party itself embracing, encouraging, and even financing widespread violence directed at American voters.

Using the protection of “free speech” Democrats sent paid protesters as well as volunteers to purposefully disrupt the rallies of their primary political opponent, Donald Trump. The First Amendment is cherished by nearly all Americans, so it makes a nice cover for political bullying or any other reprehensible activity. While nearly everyone, myself included, would support the Democrats and their allies’ right to state their views, nearly no one with a conscience can support their efforts to shut down the legal assemblies of others, physically attack speakers, or beat their political opponents in the streets. Someone should tell the Democrats that speaking your mind while assaulting someone does not afford First Amendment protection to the beating.

Just a few samples:

March 2016, Democrats shut down Trump rally in Chicago:

March 2016, Democrat attacks Trump

June 2016, Democrats beat Trump supporters in the streets of San Jose:

By what logic can these actions be justified? The people committing these acts seem to believe they are doing the right thing. This is largely due to disingenuous accusations coming from the left that the people they oppose are Nazis, Fascists, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, sexists, misogynists, and whatever other dehumanizing label they can fabricate. Hillary Clinton herself called Trump supporters several of these labels concluding that they were in a “basket of deplorables” when speaking to an audience of wealthy donors.

Aside from alienating a large proportion of voters, what did Hillary’s “deplorable” speech accomplish? It provided cover for violence against American voters who disagree with Democrat policies and encouraged more of the same across the country. In schools, children were attacked by other children, people were beaten on the streets, people were assaulted on their own front lawns, and politically motivated vandalism against private property spread to every corner of the nation.
A partial list of incidents:

Updated list of politically motivated leftist violence this election year — shatter the false narrative that we are the violent ones by sharing links to DOCUMENTED incidents (videos, police statements, etc) from The_Donald

This tactic of dehumanizing opponents to justify intimidation and violence is not happenstance. It is an intentional strategy formulated by the Democratic Party itself, funded by DNC financiers, with many instances carried out by Democratic Party operatives. In his video series, “Rigging the Election”, James O’Keefe used undercover video to expose DNC operatives planning the spread of violence, intimidation, and disruption at Trump rallies:

This has opened the possibility that Donald Trump may even sue the DNC for staging violence at his rallies:

Now that the election is over and the Democrats have been repudiated to the point of being at their weakest position of power in over a century, one might think that they would learn their lesson and forgo violence against voters. Unfortunately, it appears that they have every intention of doubling down on a strategy of what can only be described as domestic terrorism. The same rhetoric of dehumanization is being used by inauguration protest organizers to heat passions to a maximum and encourage violence and vandalism. They are calling their political opponents racists, sexists, KKK members, Fascists, Nazis, ableists, and any other phrase or statement of vilification they can think of to encourage the gullible and mentally unstable to attack and destroy.

As if this were not bad enough, a recent video by Project Veritas shows clearly that protest organizers themselves are planning terrorist activity against those who would dare to celebrate the inauguration of the President of the United States.

Under the banner of “#DisruptJ20” Democrat-allied groups are hoping to cause massive disruption to the inauguration, potentially shut down the capitol, and cause harm to their political opponents and/or property.

It is time for America to take a stand against the sanctioning, support, and financing of violence against voters carried out by the Democratic Party and their allies. The people of the United States must hold the Democrats accountable for every act of violence they encourage until they take positive steps to restore domestic tranquility.