For Each and Every Action…

 There is Boredom & Gomorrah

For decades we were told that the path of “progress” was defined and inevitable, that the course of history had but two dynamics: forward and backward. Globalist voices co-opted both the left and the right, permeating every sphere of life. Their propaganda could be seen with growing intensity in books, films and television, and in our schools, workplaces, and stores. Over time, the penalties for contradicting this “progressive” vision of the future grew ever more severe and their enforcement spread unchecked. The neoliberal vanguard imposed their fraudulent worldview with a vast arsenal of weapons: indoctrination, social ostracization, loss of employment, boycotts, legal action, legislation, and even violence. In countless ways we, the ordinary people, were acted upon. Now our reaction is at hand.

2016 saw the end of two political dynasties, a revolt against Globalism, and the rejection of political correctness. Identity politics was exposed as a tool of manipulation used to divide and conquer those left behind by Globalization. Across the world a vibrant populist movement has risen up. It is not dependent on the charisma of any particular leader, but has found its voice in many. The legacy media, who so relentlessly proclaimed this false notion of “progress”, now finds itself delegitimized and humiliated. Few pundits are capable of addressing these winds of change; many lack the requisite understanding while others are simply not allowed to.

The Globalist paradigm was pushed too far, too fast, and too forcefully. The result is that the political and social landscape of our entire planet is in turmoil, and out of this turbulence a new order is emerging. Fresh voices are desperately needed, honest brokers who can replace the fraudulent media and help herald this new age. The Globalist regime will not go quietly. It will continue to act until its final death throes are heard. For each and every one of these actions, there is Boredom & Gomorrah.